Of challenges

May Allah ease our affairs. Husband got admitted to hospital due to retinal detachment. Havent been sleeping well for the past 2 days. Ytd was the first day i slept without him by my side. I cried myself to sleep. Woke up at 3am to see his miss call. Called back but he didnt pick up. Blame myself for being a heavy sleeper. Then felt guilty and cried again to sleep.

In sha Allah he will be back home tmr. Just went for surgery this morning. Probably need to get adjusted to his routine care and medications. Thankfully his mum is understanding and caring. Alhamdulillah for having such in laws.

Aft surgery i cried again seeing his condition. No matter how hard i tried to control when i see him looking at me and  reaching out for my hands despite being groggy frm the anaesthesia, i cant control myself and i just let everything out. I cried non stop. Until his aunt comforted me. Siape tk sayang suami oiii… baru 1 mth da mcm2 dugaan.

But in sha Allah ni semua ade hikmah.


Of marriage life

Alhamdulillah. It has been 1 mth i’m declared someone’s wife. So far there hasnt been any minute that i’m not enjoying being a wife. My in laws are really nice and they really accept me and treat me like their own. I cant be thankful enough. Le husband has been making sure that i’m comfortable staying with them. It still feels awkward though. The culture here is different then when i was at my parents place. But im not complaining, will need to get use to it.

My honeymoon was awesome and how i wish i could be there longer. A honeymoon post will be up soon. In sha Allah.

Reviews for my vendor will also be up soon.  So far there no cocks up during my wedding. Alhamdulillah. Some of the vendors even exceeded my expectations which i would reaally like commend.

As of now, let me enjoy my honeymoon period. Hehe…

Of bridezilla mode on

Wedding is another 3 days and slowly one problem after another keep pouring in.

Berkats which were sponsored by my aunt wasnt what we expected. She bought berkats for 800pax when our guests invited is 1000. The berkat had 4 diff types. Sejadah, tasbih, buku yasin and chocolates. Each of this is for 4 diff grp of people. It would be confusing for my parents when people are queueing to salam and to identify who is for which. And giving someone just the tasbih itself isnt worth enough compared to giving chocolates.

Anyways will be settling it later tdy. I will be going to the chocolate supplier at bedok. The uncle assured me he had more than enough chocolates. Thank u uncle u save my day.

My deco vendor supplier for khemah and chairs came tdy. They called me a few times but i was at work. So they asked my mum where to put the tent for cooking. And they placed it right next to the place i want to put my pelamin. Asked vendor she ask me to liase with the supplier. I dunno la she like want to lepas tangan. I already told her the layout but she didnt share it with her supplier. Thats nt my problem. So when i call supplier she ask me so i need to ask my men to come down again to shift the tent? Err ya? And she gave a sigh and tsk me off. Still waiting for their response on this though.

Third. My photographer have no transport. Initially fiance settled it. To use his car. Now he tell me no car cos all the car used for his side to come over to my side. At this last min? Firstly my side is not so well to do and most of them dont have a privellege of owning a car. But his side they have a lot of cars like really alot. Takkan satu pon tak blh pakai? Hairan. But i managed to settle it. My aunts husband will be transporting him.

Fourth. Ive been worrying abt the
sanding day. Fiance will be getting his elantra club members to convoy. Total abt 50 cars. I dont know if my carpark can fit the 50 of them. Im really worried. Cops might come down and so on. Fiance just brushed it off saying not to worry he got everything covered. I just dont want things to go wrong on the day and cause a massive traffic jam. We are rushing for time. Hopefully he knws what hes doing.

As the day draws near. I cant sleep thinking abt all this. Hopefully no more surprises.


I need help! Anyone can recommend me any affordable body shaper? I got a tummy shaper but its too tight on me. Mua hopes i could get a full body shaper. Thanks in advance.

Almost there


Sorry for the lack of updates. Have been busy with work. November has been quite a hectic month for me.  Adjusting to new working environment, completing my portfolios, completing never-ending adhoc duties by my principal. Workload keeps getting more and more. Feel like giving up in this field and moving on to a new field. Sighs.

Anyways, it’s 20 more days to our big day. I’m feeling the excitement and anxiety. Haven’t turn into a bridezilla (and hopefully not). So far most of the things settled. Just need to brief my aunts and uncles on what to do for the big day. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly.

So, I had a great weekend spent with Mr F. We left early in the morning and braved the morning jam just to get the body kit for his car. I could have slept in. But becos he meant to me, no choice lor have to follow. After that, went to Angsana to eat and karaoke. Sebab ikut dia, he belanja me karaoke. lol.

After that, we went to his uncle’s kampung in Kulai to get his gubahan stuffs and deco for wedding car. Was a wrong move to invite me cos now I know what is their colour theme for the wedding gubahan for me. Spent our night there. I love staying in kampungs. So peaceful and also because they have many cats. All so manja. I asked Mr F if we could have a cat, he said no becos of his skin condition his allergic to cats. 😦

So, we head back to sg in the midday and went to ikea. Got 20 picture frames for the guest table. I think you might know which frames I’m talking about. You know the white standing ones. I saw that the white ones running low. Sampai angkut kotak yg kat atas just to get the white ones. And since ikea don’t give bags. I got my own bag and put the frames inside my bag. Mr F said da macam penyamun.

While I was away, owner of Matynishel came down to my parents’ place to recce my parents’ room which I will be using for my bilik pengantin. She said, need to have the bed shifted to the middle, have some room at the headboard for her to fix the curtains at the back,

Things I’m looking forward to this month:

7/12; Meet my poly friend, Ami!

9/12; Final fitting with dshootz bride

12/12; Hair treatment

12/12; Send hantaran items

13/12; Meet up with gfs for karaoke

17/12; PAY DAY!

18/12; Royal spa

23/12; Set up of bridal room

24/12; Henna night

26/12; Nikah!

27/12; Sanding!

Of hantaran stuffs

This week has been quite productive with regards to our wedding preparation. We have settled most of the hantaran stuffs. We exchanged some of the items for another like the Ipad for the cath kidston bag as I’ve been wanting to get one. Hinted fiance to get it for my birthday but in the end, he got it as hantaran. As for my perfume set we got it from victoria secret. Fiance didn’t want me to get any shoes or shirt for him as he didn’t want me to waste.

Btw, before I forget, victoria secret having a promotion whereby you purchase their products and they will give you somewhat like a giftcard with an amount of $8 to $488. Between 1-17 dec you can go down to any stores and find out how much your gift card is worth. If you’re lucky you might get the $488 gift card.


Also purchase SJ4000 for fiance so that we can use for our trip. Bought it at Qoo10 at a discounted price. Self collected it at the seller’s office in marymount. Seller was a nice pakcik who explained to me all the functions.


Also purchased my wedding shoes for a great deal. Less than $40 which what I had budgeted for. I thought the shoes was pretty decent and neat since I’m only gonna wear it once.


Also we settled our balance deposits for our photographer and videographer. Liked that they decided to put the video file in a thumbdrive instead of a dvd. So it can be easily transferred. We also settled with out outdoor shoot which tentatively will be at punggol waterway park. For wet weather (since it’s monsoon season), it will be at changi airport.

49 days to go and feeling productive. 😀

Of staycay and bridal shower

So if you had followed me on instagram, my girlfriends threw a bridal shower for me during our staycation. It was really a pleasant and an unexpected surprise. Our plan was just to chill during the staycation. But of course they had other plans in mind.  And yes I wasn’t spared from wearing the sash and tiara. Despite the looks that I got, it was all in name of fun. And for their effort, I just had to wear it.

Anyways, a little bit about our staycation which we had it at Siloso Beach Resort. I was really impressed with the surroundings. The pool and jacuzzi is awesome. They even have a waterfall. When we checked into the room. Our room, standard room is quite big and suited for the 4 of us. We didnt opt for extra bed so we joined the two single beds together and we managed to squeeze together for the night. They also have a bathtub which is a plus point. My favourite place would be the sitting area near the window.  Okay enuff said, just look at the pics then.




And our favourite photo. Who needs a professional photographer when we can have a good camera with good lighting.

And today marks exactly 2 months to the wedding.